Udacity Data Visualisation Nanodegree Capstone Project

Source: Unsplash | Blake Wisz
Available at: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/chart-reveals-huge-difference-millennials-201133732.html

What could be improved with the original visualisation?

  • Cluttered with too many intense colours, making it difficult to draw the reader’s attention.
  • The visualisation does not convey the message.
  • Unnecessary text and gridlines. The Y-axis information is not needed since the bar charts are already labelled.
  • Not built for people with colourblindness. The colour combination (red + green) can be difficult for some people to read.
  • Stacked bars do not show a clear trend and similar values are hard to see.
  • Missing explanation about generations.
  • There is no indication as to which year the data represents.

Biases and limitations

  • Limited dataset. There is no actual data on spending. The dataset brings only information on % spending, with no $ values, which does not allow do average calculations.
  • Missing variables: not all generations have been reported.
  • Lack of information on what comprises each category.
  • Lack of information on how the data has been collected.
  • The grand-total for the baby boomers generation is not 100%.

The goal of the dashboard

  • Which generation spends the most on each individual category?
  • What does each generation spend the most on?

Improving the original chart

  • Changing the stacked bar visualisation to bar/column charts, making it easier to read and identify trends.
  • Changing the colour palette to blue only, which is a colour blind friend.
  • Removing the gridlines and removing the % spending from the Y-axis.
  • Using a question as a title and adding new filters to promote interaction.
  • Adding a description of the generations and year of which the data represents.
  • Adding icons to differentiate categories and generations.

Please find below my improved data visualisation followed by its link.




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